Help bring

high-speed fiber internet to

GWI (Great Works Internet) is currently working to introduce very fast, high-speed fiber internet to Dixfield. Faster than anything currently available in Maine, offering uploads and downloads in excess of 100MBS up to 900MBS. GWI is a 100% Maine- owned internet company founded in 1994 and believes that modern, high speed internet access is vital to the future of our communities, a critical point of connection to economic opportunity and the world at large, and a right of every Maine resident.

However, they need Dixfield’s help by taking an internet survey or answering a phone survey in the next couple of weeks.

If you wish to take the survey via the internet instead of by phone, click the following link:    www.givemefiber.com

GWI’s investment in the infrastructure to support the introduction of this service to Dixfield will be made using GWI’s funds and a loan from the federal government, which GWI will have to pay back. In order to apply for the loan, GWI needs to ask Dixfield residents a few brief questions about internet access. Your completion of the survey is a necessary first step to being able to bring very fast, high-speed fiber internet to Dixfield.

There is no expense to Dixfield to conduct this survey—all costs are borne by GWI.