RSU #56 Dixfield students, along with students from Canton, Carthage, and Peru have been part of RSU#10 since 2009. Beginning July 1st, 2017, they will return to their former SAD#21 alignment as RSU#56. The schools located in Dixfield are the TW Kelly Middle School, and Dirigo High School. Dixfield Elementary School, which opened in the fall of 2008, is in Peru. For more information, click here to visit the district web site.

Central Office: 33 Nash St.                  RSU# 56 DIXFIELD SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS
Dixfield, Maine 04224                             Barbara Chow-562-8989                Bruce Ross-562-8139
Phone: 207-562-4300                             Samantha Noyes-418-7765           Angela Varnum-357-2904
Fax: 207-562-7059                                 Barry Prescott-215-7305

Superintendent:  Pam Doyon

Dirigo High School 145 Weld St.
Dixfield, Maine 04224
Phone: 207-562-4251
Fax: 207-562-6074

Principal: Michael Poulin
Asst. Principal: Jason Long

Athletic Director: Jeff Turnbull

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TW Kelly Middle School 45 Middle School Drive
Dixfield, Maine 04224
Phone: 207-562-8255
Fax: 207-562-8329

Principal: Michael Poulin
Asst. Principal: Jason Long

Director: Jeff Turnbull

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Dixfield Elementary School 117 Auburn Road
Peru, ME 04290
Phone: 207-562-4207
Principal: Charles C. Swan Visit Homepage